Storage of fireworks

The regulations on storing and manufacturing fireworks are set out in Executive Order No 1424 of December 16th of 2009 on fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles.

Requirements for storage authorization

Basically you must be authorized to store fireworks by the municipal council. With regard to manufacturing fireworks, you must always be authorized to do so. You must apply for authorization from the municipal council for the municipality in which the fireworks are to be stored or manufactured.

What can be stored without authorization?

Every citizen is entitled to store small fireworks, New Year’s Eve fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles (e.g. emergency flares) with a total net explosive quantity (NEQ) of 5 kg. This is equivalent to a total gross weight of between 15 and 20 kg. This is, however, providing that the fireworks do not require a transport classification higher than 1.3G.

Application for authorization for storage of fireworks

The application for authorization must contain:

  • Drawings of the storage site and a description of the same.
  • Information on the total NEQ of the fireworks or pyrotechnic articles which are to be stored.
  • Documentation of approval from a competent authority for transport classification of the fireworks the applicant wishes to store.
  • If the application refers to the manufacture of fireworks, a description of the company’s work routines must also be enclosed.

The information about the site where the storage or manufacturing/assembly will take place and the dangerousness of the firework items concerned is necessary for the municipal council’s assessment of the safety conditions and which safety distances must be set (to buildings and surrounding activities). The information about manufacturing/assembly routines enables the municipal council to assess and advise the most appropriate layout and use of the site.

The application must also include documentation:

  • That the applicant has not been found guilty of a criminal offence which constitutes an imminent danger of misuse of the authorization (if the applicant is a company, the requirement applies to both the company and its proprietor or managing director).
  • That the applicant is of legal age (if the applicant is a company, the requirement applies to both the company’s proprietor and its managing director).
  • That the applicant is not subject to bankruptcy proceedings or being wound up.

Please note: If you are going to be manufacturing fireworks, you must also have an activity approval. You apply for this from the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

Please note: The approval can not be regarded as having been granted, if the municipal authorities have not replied within the set time.

Find the application form here