Regulations for manufacturers and importers of e-cigarettes and refillable containers

1. Register products with the Danish Safety Technology Authority

As a manufacturer or an importer of electronic cigarettes and refillable containers with nicotine, it is your responsibility that the products have been correctly registered with the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

You must register all refillable containers with nicotine and all types of electronic cigarettes, which can contain liquid with nicotine; both electronic cigarettes for single-use and electronic cigarettes, which can be refilled with nicotine-containing liquid.

2. Pay the registration fee

You must pay a fee for each registration of each product and an annual fee for maintaining the registration. 

3. Comply with the regulations of quality, composition and safety regulations

You must ensure that all products meet the requirements of quality, composition and safety. 

4. Remember marking and warning

You must mark all products with correct health warnings, list of content, directions for use, etc. 

5. File the annual report

Each year you must report information about the past years sales volume, preferences of consumer groups, distribution channels and any market survey to the Danish Safety Technology Authority. It is your responsibility that the reporting is correct and that any changes are corrected.

6. Examine harmful impacts

You must create a system to gather information about assumed harmful impacts of the products. The system must be documented in the shape of a manual or a collection of documents – either digitally or as hard copies.


7. Advertisement for electronic cigarettes and refillable containerscontainers is illegal

You are not allowed to advertise electronic cigarettes and refillable containers with or without nicotine to the general public.