Fees for registration of electronic cigarettes and refill containers

The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s costs for case management and market surveillance of electronic cigarettes and refill containers with nicotine are covered by fees. The fees must be paid by manufacturers and importers who want to market an electronic cigarette or a refill container with nicotine in Danmark.

The fee is DKK 36,900 for registration of electronic cigarettes and refill containers with nicotine and DKK 14,700 for annual maintenance of the registration.

When you have made the registration in the Central Entry Gate, the Danish Safety Technology Authority assess if you have to pay the fee for the registration. If the registration results in a fee, you will receive a request for payment. The registrations fee must be paid to the Danish Safety Technology Authority, before the registration is considered received.

The fee for maintenance falls due each year on the date at which confirmation of correct registration has originally been issued.

Which products are imposed by fee?

As a rule, the obligation to pay the fee applies to all kinds of electronic cigarettes, which can be used for liquid with nicotine and refill containers with nicotine. 

An electronic cigarette with nicotine is construed to mean a product, which can be used for consumption of a nicotine-containing vapour through a mouthpiece or parts of such a product, including a cartridge, a refill container and a device without cartridge or refillable container.  

Loose pieces for electronic cigarette (with the exception of batteries and mouthpieces), which are registered individually, are therefore separately liable to fee. If all loose pieces of the electronic cigarette constitute and are registered as a complete product, you must pay one fee for the complete product.

You must make a new registration and pay a new registration fee for any significant change of electronic cigarettes or refill containers with nicotine, which have already been registered. By the assessment whether it is a significant change, it is emphasized if it is a change of the quantity (e.g. the concentration of nicotine) or the composition of the liquids (e.g. change of the ingredients).

As an example, this means that a liquid with 2 mg nicotine and one with 4 mg nicotine result in two fees; and that two liquids with 2 mg nicotine – and flavours of apple and pears, respectively – also result in two fees.

Significant changes also cover changes of the construction and function, etc. of the electronic cigarette.

You do not have to pay fee for batteries and mouthpieces. You do not have to pay the fee, if registration fee or maintenance fee for the product has already been paid by another manufacturer or importer. The last exception applies only for the periods where the other manufacturer or importer pays the fee.

Exemption from fee

You may be exempt from paying a fee if your product has the same composition and design as another product that is already paid notification or maintenance fee by another manufacturer or importer. The exemption applies only to the periods in which the other product is on the List of Notified Products. Products may be removed from the List of Registered Products, for example, if another manufacturer or importer chooses not to pay the fee or if we prohibit the product from being marketed.

If the product that you have referred to in order to be exempt from fee is no longer on the List of Registered Products, we will inform you by letter. You must then notify us within 14 days as to whether you wish to maintain your notification of the product. If you do not wish to maintain your notification, you cannot market the product in Denmark.

How long must the fee for maintenance of registration be paid?

You must pay the annual fee for maintenance of the registration of a product, as long as the product is registered in the EU-system.

It is therefore important that you deregister the product in the EU-system before expiry of a maintenance period, if you do not wish to market the product any longer.

Before the expiry of the maintenance period, the Danish Safety Technology Authority will let you know that the maintenance fee must be paid, if you want the product to remain registered in the EU-system.

What does the fee cover?

The fees cover the costs for the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s administration of the registration system and the market control which the authority carries out including costs for tests of products at external laboratories.

How are fees paid?