Control of registration for distributors

The Danish Safety Technology Authority will check if electronic cigarettes and refill containers with nicotine have been registered correctly and meet the existing regulations. The control ensures that only registered products are sold and that non-registered products are removed from the market.

Both document control and physical control visits will be conducted at manufacturers, importers and retailers, who market electronic cigarettes and refill containers with nicotine. Some products will also be extracted for tests at external laboratories.

The Danish Safety Technology Authority has the right to be given all necessary information in relation to this control.

Ban on marketing

In cases where a product may pose a serious risk to the health of human beings, the Danish Safety Technology Authority may require that the product either is recalled from the market or is withdrawn from consumers.

If the control shows that a product has not been correctly registered or does not comply with the existing regulations on marking, quality and safety, the Danish Safety Technology Authority can ban marketing of the product. You can also be fined.

Control from other authorities

The consumer ombudsman will control that the general regulations for marketing are complied with. Moreover, the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Maritime Authority will control that electronic cigarettes are not used in public means of transport, taxis or day care centers with children and young people under 18 years.