Register or deregister your tattooing establishment

Danish legislation requires tattooing establishments in Denmark to register at the Danish Safety Technology Authority. The rules also mean that tattoo artists working in the establishment have to be registered as well.
From 1 July 2021 cosmetic tattoo establishments making permanent makeup are required to register as well. The same requirements about hygiene etc. apply to all tattoo establishments.

Tattooing establishments in Denmark must register

If you are the owner of one or more tattooing establishments in Denmark, you must register each establishment to the Danish National Registry of Tattooing Establishments. When registered, you are required to keep your information in the register updated at all times. Should you wish to close the establishment, you will need to deregister the establishment from the Danish national registry of tattooing establishments.

You also have to register all the tattooists working in the establishment, including yourself if you work as a tattoo artist. Do also remember to change the registration if new tattooists are hired or if tattooists quit.

Supervisory Scheme

The supervisory Scheme comprises inspection visits by the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

The annual fee  for registration in the supervisory scheme covers the costs for registration and supervision from the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

See the current rates here.

See information about registration below.

Changes and deregistration

If you have changes concerning your tattooing establishment or if you want to deregister you must fill in a specific form.

Temporary tattooing establishments

Even if a place is only used for tattooing in a limited time you must register as atattooing establishment and register the tattooists working in the temporary tattooing establishment.