Electrical contractor

The authorisation entitles the company to carry out heavy current electrical installations and installation of non-heavy current control and regulation systems used to control heavy current functions and the servicing of these installations and systems.

Exceptions from the authorisation requirements

Authorisation is not required in these cases

  • Producers’ carrying out of fixed electrical installations in factory-produced mobile units and producers’ preparation of electrical installations in connection with the production of building components.
  • Power cable wiring by individuals who have accomplished a Danish Safety Technology Authority approved course.
  • Simple works that are legal to carry out by anyone, for instance the changing of certain types of switches, power outlets and sockets.

The company may not be undergoing bankruptcy proceedings or be in liquidation. The company must also have postal address in an EU country or in a country with which the EU has an agreement on the practicing of legislation controlled trades.

The company owner must submit a written statement on whether he/she or the company, at any time during the last 3 years, has been convicted of infringement of legislation on the area in which authorisation is sought.

General information about authorisation and approval

The Danish Safety Technology Authority controls the authorisations within the following areas:

  • electricity
  • plumbing
  • sewage installation
  • approvals within the gas area

General information

In Denmark you need to be employed in an authorised company in order to perform work demanding authorisation or approval. You do not need an approval from us if you want to apply for a job in an authorised company.

Foreign companies wanting to work permanently or temporarily in Denmark must apply for an authorisation or approval before they start working in Denmark. The authorisation is given to the company, but a requirement is the employment of at least one technically responsible person.  The company is responsible for the work demanding authorisation or approval and that personnel with the necessary skills carry out the work.

If you want to work as a technically responsible person in an authorised company in Denmark, you will need an approval from us.

Technically responsible person

As a technically responsible person it is your tasks to ensure that:

  • The company´s tasks that require authorisation are manned correctly
  • The employees are instructed sufficiently and
  • Execution of the work are sufficiently supervised
  • The work is carried out in accordance to the rules

As a technically responsible person you have to be affiliated with the company for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Do you know?

You can contact the Ministry of Higher Education and Science who provides assessments of foreign qualifications. Some might think that is an advantage, when they shall apply for jobs in Denmark based on foreign qualifications.

Temporary or established business?

Whether your business activity can be considered as “temporary”, will depend on the nature and duration of your work in Denmark.

Temporary business

If a company wants to work in Denmark for a short period, the company can forward an application for a one year authorisation or approval.

A company set up in another EU or EEA country applying for authorisation or approval in a role of temporary service provider must provide information how the company

  • ensures, during the daily work, that the work is carried out according to applicable regulations
  • makes end control of the completed installations
  • prevents errors and
  • makes improvement activities to prevent recurrence of specific errors

Established business

If a company wants to work permanently in Denmark or if a company has a Danish address or cvr-number, the company can forward an application for an authorisation or approval.

A foreign company applying for an authorisation or approval in preparation for working permanently in Denmark must forward either:

  • ISO 9001 certificate.
  • Pre-approval of the company’s quality management system from a Danish supervisory body. The quality management system must be finally approved by a supervisory body within one year after the authorisation has been granted.
  • Quality management system relating to work demanding authorisation or approval, or information about status of system implementation. The Danish Safety Technology Authority assesses whether the system can be pre-approved. The quality management system must be finally approved by a supervisory body within one year after the authorisation has been granted.

Authorisation directory

Once a company receives an authorisation or approval, the company will be listed in the Danish Safety Technology Authority’s authorisation directory. You can search for companies with authorisation or approval within the electricity, plumbing, sewage and gas areas.

Hiring of employees

The company may only take responsibility for work requiring authorisation or approval carried out by individuals not employed, if these are hired into the company. Before the work is carried out, a written agreement on temporary work must be drawn up with the company to which the individual normally is affiliated. This agreement must be for a limited period of time.